Cauliflower Nuggets!

Ummm I just made this and ate an entire head of cauliflower when I wasn’t even hungry to begin with!  This is so easy and requires the simplest of ingredients!  I founds this on Chocolate Covered Katie’s Blog.

Cauliflower Nuggets

(easiest recipe ever)

  • raw cauliflower
  • roasting pan
  • optional: barbecue sauce (I like Dino Sauce) * I used “Dad’s Organic Barbecue Sauce”

1. Cut the cauliflower and spread out on the roasting pan.

2. Turn the oven on to 400 degrees (no need to pre-heat) and stick the pan in there for 30-50 minutes *I left mine in for 35 minutes but will leave them in longer next time so that they are more crispy!

3. Then set the oven to “high broil” and broil 2-3 more minutes, depending on how crispy you like it.   (I usually turn the oven completely off after this and leave the cauliflower inside for another 20 or so minutes.) * I didn’t have time for this today but next time I will also make sure I have enough time to try this.)

4. Serve with your favorite bbq sauce or ranch dressing, for dipping.

I will definitely be making this one again, it’s also a super clean way to eat cauliflower as I didn’t add anything to the vegetable itself.  Make sure you measure out your dipping sauce as barbecue and other such sauces are loaded with hidden sugar!  I used one tablespoon of my Organic Dad’s Sauce, I am a sauce whore so I measured it out knowing full well that if I didn’t I would have ended up drowning what would have been a healthy vegetable in sugary unhealthy sauce –  therefore negating the healthiness of this recipe!


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