My Intro to Krav Maga Self Defense @ Evolution

I have been meaning to take one of these classes for awhile and finally this week I did!  I headed out to Evolution in Yaletown with a bit of butterflies and nervousness about how this would go.  We warmed up as a group (my favourite part was shoulder tag) and then split up into newbies and veterans.  The veterans were off doing they’re own hard core stuff while the rookies received instruction from Danny (General Manager and Instructor).  I was SO focused on doing well at this and getting the basics that the time literally FLEW by

After we went over some basic details we got to practice – this was the best part.  Danny was a kick ass instructor, encouraging but at the same time let us know what to correct and how to correct it.  I LOVED smashing the shit out of the tomb stone!  I wish we had a studio in Kelowna so that I could actually get good at this practice.  We did a drill where we had to close our eyes and someone would choke us and we were to remove their hands and simulate a knee to the groin.  Even learning this one technique made me feel safer about being able to defend myself.

Here is a link to their website – I highly recommend you check this studio out when you are in Van.  They offer Crossfit – Krav Maga- Martial Arts

Here is a video of a few things I learned!

Krav Maga Video


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