(Random Rant) How it feels….

People often ask me, how do you stay so focused on keeping your training and nutrition on point?  Well here’s the thing, this is what it feels like when I workout.  What I chose to fuel my body with has a direct impact on every step of this journey from bedhead to mean and lean.  Crap fuel = crap results in all aspects of life for me – mood, workouts, productivity at school, you name it.

Alarm 5:15 – eff you alarm, five more minutes hit snooze.  Alarm round two internal dialogue GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED SANDY, ITS GO TIME.  Get dressed, eyes dry and sore, hair a scene, legs possibly unshaven.  Drive to gym with music CRANKED, stage one of getting amped up.  Arrive at gym put shredder playlist on, music starts, pick up rope, skip, skip and skip some more.  Heart rate increases, everything feels uncomfortable for the first five to ten minutes (maybe today should be a rest day – thought goes through head) Push past this bull shit thought and keep skipping.  Ten minutes deep everything feels warmer, smile subconsciously  makes it way to my face, this feels good, I feel happy.  Pick up weights, no not the light ones, pick up the heavy ones, heavier than you’ve used before.  Through duration of workout I feel EMPOWERED, like an ATHLETE, I feel GREATNESS and a sense of accomplishment that never would have happened if I hit that snooze.

Every day, minute, hour, we make choices.  You have to ask yourself, is this choice going to bring me closer to my goals??? If it will, DO IT, if not, move on, let it go.

Find your GREATNESS.


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