She Took Me to the Next Level…. And I Keep On Climbing!

This post is a tribute to my friend and trainer soulmate Stacy-Lynn Zeman of Addicted to Fitness.

When I first started training at Addicted Fitness I was convinced that I had hit an unbreakable plateau in my strength and body composition.  I admit I was fit and lean but over the previous couple of years I had remained stagnant and failed to see any gains or real growth.  Sure I noticed small incremental changes but nothing that made me go “WOW!  Look how far I have come.”  That was until I started training at Addicted in October.  The increase in both my muscle tone and more importantly my strength and endurance are undeniable! I am the most fit I have ever been and I truly have Stacy to thank!

I would never have looked like this without Stacy’s help!

We both share the same “old school” view on how to achieve fitness and weight loss which is to EAT REAL HEALTHY NUTRITIOUS FOODS AND EXERCISE!!!  We don’t believe in magic potions, pills or shakes!  Being in her presence has really allowed me to take it to the next level.  My eating habits are better than ever before and I, like so many other people who know Stacy and train at Addicted Fitness, will be forever grateful to Stacy for being the catalyst to get me there.  Yes, I make the effort to do my meal prep, yes I wake up at 5:15 every morning to work out but Stacy I have you to thank for guiding me in the right direction!

You’re the best Stace-Thank You Thank You Thank You!

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